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Oral presentations



1)      The program in plenary sessions is full and we will have to be very strict for the maximum duration of each presentation:  the microphone will be automatically switched off after 25 minutes of presentation for keynotes, 15 minutes for oral presentations and 5 minutes for lightning talks.

2)      Please send us your presentation by email ( the week before the conference or make it available at the presentation desk in the registration Hall one day before your presentation time. If we do not get your ppt file at least the day before your presentation time, you will not be able to present your communication.



Duration is 30 minutes: 25’ presentation and 5’ questions

Some guidance on the content

  • The main objective of the keynote is to highlight the issues and challenges at stake, the current trends in this field, needs for innovation and translation into decision making.
  • The idea of the whole session including your keynote is to give material / initiate debate for brainstorming discussions.


Oral presentations

Duration is 18 minutes: 15’ presentation and 3’ questions


  • The main objectives of the oral presentations are to present new results of interest for the audience of the conference. Your presentation should be easy to understand for non-specialists since the conference is organized in plenary session to promote inter-disciplinary discussions.
  • You do not need to expend too much on the context but the challenges that have led to carry out your study should be presented.
  • In addition to scientific issues, it will be important to highlight the consequences of your findings for the management of Eucalyptus plantations.
  • The idea of the whole session including your presentation is to give material / initiate debate for brainstorming discussions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Lightning talk + poster

Duration is 5 minutes – 5’ presentation (5 slides maximum). All the Lightning talks will take place one after the other. The main objective for each lightning talk is to highlight the most interesting results in order to stimulate questions and discussions during the Poster session.

Please clearly present (5 slides maximum, including title page and acknowledgments)

  • The context and the main questions.
  • Please select the most interesting result of your study that needs to be highlighted to engage discussions during the Poster session (the methodology cannot be described in detail during the lightning talk).
  • Impact for the management and perspectives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Poster presentations

Posters are a creative and popular alternative to the oral presentation of a paper. In a poster session, there is no formal oral presentation; instead, each author is assigned a display area on which diagrams, graphics, data, pictures/photos, and a small amount of text are presented.

The poster should be self-understandable, but the author should be available at certain times, such as refreshment breaks and during the devoted poster session, to interact with viewers and answer questions.

A poster that considers the needs of the intended viewer as well as those of the presenter can be a highly successful form of communication.

Posters allow more time for authors and viewers to discuss the topic, more personal interaction and exchange of professional experience, ample question time with focus on your subject, and the potential for continued display of the poster at your workplace.

General Guidelines for Poster Production

How should you make the content of a poster? A good poster should answer the following questions.

  • Does the poster deliver a message?
  • The information’s are enough or too much?
  • Graphics are expressing the information?
  • Is it original in its content or findings?
  • Is the methodology mentioned?
  • Are aims and objectives mentioned?
  • Are the conclusions/results presented?

Visual guideline for posters.

  • Make the layout and show it to your colleagues first.
  • The heading of the poster should be visible and it should include topic, Author name and contact details.
  • The letters should be visible at least from approximately 2.5 meters.
  • Use simple format and more spatial layout with good color combination.
  • Use reader friendly icons and symbols such as arrows, numbers and etc.
  • Avoid as much as possible abbreviations and jargons.
  • Highest clarity and visibility will attract the audience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

We strongly recommend to bring approximately 50 handout copies of your poster in A4 format, mainly if you are selected for a lightning talk, in order to promote your work during the 5 min oral presentation.

Poster Size

All the posters will be installed the first day of the conference and we will stay in the room until Thursday 20 September. One hour Poster sessions will focus on Ecosystem services on Tuesday 18 September, Strategy to face abiotic changes on Wednesday 19 September and Strategy to face biotic stresses on Thursday 20 September (

The available surface for your poster is adapted to A0 format:

  • 118 cm (height) x 96 cm (width)
  • 46.5 in (height) x 37.8 in (width)

The panel is covered with burgundy Veltonyl material: you can fix your poster with Velcro. Material to fix your poster to the panel will be provided by the conference organization.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Poster Installation

Please ensure that you handover the poster to the organizing committee at the registration table on Monday 17 September by 2 p.m.

Upon arrival, after having collected your name tag from the Congress registration desk, please report to the poster areas where members of the organizing committee will help you to find the exact location of your poster and provide you with the material to display your poste. It will be exhibited for the whole duration of the congress in Pasteur hall which is also the area for registration, exhibition and coffee breaks. Poster have to be removed on Friday Sep 21.
The organizers are not responsible for loss or damage to the posters which are not removed by authors after Friday Sep 21, 1 pm.

Please find below the PDF file :

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